About us

Innovative water treatment engineering and solutions

Syngineering is all about creating products that exceed expectations — the sort of solutions that are simple to use, and brilliant in getting the job done.

As our name suggests, central to the way we work is synergy: “The interaction of two or more forces so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

For us, synergy means working together with our colleagues, associates and clients to deliver  products and services that offer multiple benefits.

Our vision and mission

Our vision as a company is to continually grow and develop into a multi-site, multi-product, multi-national organisation with engineering and manufacturing at our core. Our vision as a team is to continually grow and develop our people to become better people adding real value. 

Our mission as a company is expand and growth towards revenues of more than $50m annually and offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific by 2030. 


Syngineering’ s Quality Management System (QMS) includes product development, design, manufacture, installation, operation (including remote operation) and servicing of wastewater treatment plants.

This Quality Management System ensures that what is promised is actually delivered on a repeatable basis.


It is Syngineering’ s policy to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, not only to comply with regulations but also to act responsibly to prevent injuries, ill health, damages, or losses from any work-related activity under its control.

An OHS plan is developed for each project to ensure that everyone involved in the project goes home safely. There can be no excuses nor justification for anyone not going home to their families safe and sound. Syngineering is absolutely committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our entire team and continuously improving our Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems.

Syngineering establishes its commitment through the implementation of the Syngineering Environmental Health & Safety Management system under SAI Global OHS company program.

Syngineering has a Safety Management System certified to:


Syngineering is absolutely committed to recycling and reusing water at our core. To comply with this responsibility, processes aim to minimise and ultimately prevent potential adverse environmental impacts arising from our work activities and our clients work activities.

Syngineering establishes and lives by our commitment towards Environmental Health and Safety Management System under the SAI Global OHS company program.

Syngineering has an Environmental Management System certified to:

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