Our waste water services

Syngineering’s expert team can handle the complete waste water process, from designing a customised system for your facility through to seamless installation, project management, and reliable maintenance services.

Determining process requirements and developing a business case


Lab testing and proof of concept

The first step is to understand the challenges your business faces around waste water management. This is the critical stage in developing the right system, and it forms the foundations of everything we will achieve together. From this understanding, our engineers can determine how we can help you to achieve your goals. 

Whether you need to:

  • Do more with less water and save
  • Clean up your waste water for release, or
  • Reduce your reliance on costly town water…

…the starting point is a comprehensive laboratory test of water samples from your facility, to ensure we can give you the separation you need. Based on these lab test results we will develop a specific, customised process that will enable us to achieve your waste water objectives.

Importantly, Syngineering’s processes are developed by a team of experts that includes mechanical and electrical engineers – not simply by process engineers. In this way we ensure that the custom process we design considers all aspects of the ‘real world’ situation it must operate in. 

You can have complete confidence in the design of our waste water process. To provide you with proof-of-concept before rollout, we will run a pilot test of our proposed design at your site so that you can see the plant in action.

Before your financial commitment the custom waste water process will be completely optimised, allowing you to determine the business case with absolute confidence.

Designing your waste water process

Once you’re completely comfortable with the business case for the Syngineering process, it’s time to design the full-scale waste water system for your facility. 

Our philosophy of using ‘non-siloed’ expertise continues into the design stage. This means your plant will be designed by our engineers in close consultation with experts from the trades who will actually build it. It ensures your system is designed to be practical, easy to operate, robust, and easy to maintain.

Importantly, the Syngineering team is made up of industry professionals who have hands-on experience with operating water treatment plants. They understand the challenges you face and the importance of delivering the right system for your requirements.  

Our team aren’t desk bound. They are driven to maintain their up-to-date industry knowledge by getting out of the office and talking to people in your role. They ensure that any process we design will have low running costs and efficient maintenance requirements – because the fundamentals are right.

Rapid, efficient installation and commissioning

Project management and construction

Planning and executing a seamless installation depends on having experienced project managers who are focused on results. As specialists in water treatment projects, Syngineering’s engineers and tradesmen are experts in meeting timelines and hitting every deliverable of your project.

Following the Syngineering Project Execution Process (PEP), our team will liaise with trades and contractors to get the job done to a high standard. They understand that communication is paramount, so that you are fully up-to-speed with how and when your water treatment system will be delivered. 

Before being despatched to your site, the new system is fully tested in Brisbane by the same team of process, mechanical and electrical engineers who designed the process. This ensures that the system we deliver and install is exactly what was promised at the start of the process. 

Rather than being despatched in pieces, the waste water treatment system is sent as fully complete, packaged modules which can more readily be assembled at your facility. This helps to not only speed up the commissioning process but also reduce costs, since the need for accommodation and subsistence for time on-site is substantially reduced. 

Commissioning, operation and maintenance

Your new waste water treatment system will be commissioned by our experienced and thorough team. They have the expertise to ensure there will be no cost overruns or delays in getting the system up and running and delivering on the job it’s designed to do.

Once the system is installed and commissioned, Syngineering remain involved to ensure years of ROI. Our maintenance packages ensure breakdowns and their impacts on your productivity are minimised.

To find discuss waste water treatment for your facility, contact Syngineering online or call 1300 662 326.