Our technology

Treatment of water and wastewater is an ongoing challenge for food processors worldwide. As environmental regulations increase, cost-effective and high-performing treatment solutions become integral.

At Syngineering, we draw on years of experience in the design, testing and manufacture of water and wastewater treatment systems that are utilised in over 45 countries.

Vibrating Membrane Technology (VMT)

Effectively process stickwater and recover more protein

Syngineering’s VMT vibrating membrane technology works to effectively separate protein from stickwater. Combined with other technologies such as reverse osmosis, VMT technology can effectively process very dirty effluent water, recovering as much as 75% of this water. 

The benefits are twofold:

  • The recovered concentrated protein can be reintroduced to other protein solids to boost the meat and bone meal yield, and 
  • The warm clean water by-product will be largely free of organics and nutrients.

The resulting processed water can either be recycled back into your plant’s process; further polished and reused in boilers; or discharged with approximately 5% of the original COD load. This can result in a huge saving on water costs for your facility.

VMT applications include:

  • Low temperature and high temperature rendering stickwater
  • Blood line wastewater
  • Separator sludge

Reverse Osmosis

REVERSE OSMOSIS packaged systems

The MemPAK RO® and MemPAK SWRO® series, suitable for the most demanding applications, are designed for industrial, brackish and sea water applications.

The MemPAK RO® and MemPAK SWRO® systems remove salts, organic materials, impurities and other contaminants from water. They are also capable of rejecting bacteria, sugars, proteins, particles, dyes, and other constituents that have a molecular weight of greater than 150-250 Daltons.

The MemPAK RO® and MemPAK SWRO® systems are engineered using 3D computer modelling and process design and can be completely customised to best suit your needs.


Diffused Aeration

Aeration diffusers – OTT series

OTT Series aeration diffusers offer a ‘state of the art’ flooded tube, low buoyancy aeration diffuser system providing uniform fine bubble distribution and high operating efficiencies.

Each diffuser is individually tested to high quality control specifications to ensure product uniformity and long term impressive performance. The OTT diffuser systems feature a unique quick-connect coupling device which is simple and fast to install.

Diffuser grid systems – OTT AirRex series

OTT AirRex®, the all new, reinforced polypropylene revolutionary clip together diffuser grid system. This is the first plastic piping assembly designed expressly for aeration service, available as a kit. With the patent pending connection system and the specially designed supports, the lightweight OTT AirRex® system is extremely fast to install.

Panel Tanks

Our flat panel tanks are fully engineered to exceed the requirements for wind loading and water pressures in accordance with Australian Standards. Our tanks can be engineered to meet the requirements of structures in cyclonic areas.

Torpedo underground tanks

Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials these innovative products provide solutions for avast range of applications. Torpedo tanks can be customised into many configurations; from raw water storage systems for residential properties through to a customised pumping, treatment and recycling system. The nature of fibreglass and polyethylene construction lets us design the exact fit for your project. Each system can be built in many different diameters, differing size configurations and with endless pipe, manhole and chamber options.

To discuss waste water treatment for your facility, contact Syngineering online or call 1300 662 326.